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About People's Privacy

People can register to use evisit by entering their name, date of birth and their e-mail address.  They also nominate a User name.

Once they have done this, a password is e-mailed to them, so that they can start using evisit.

From there, a person would typically locate their usual office and start to book appointments on-line.

Revealing information about a person to another person without the consent of the first person is a breach of privacy laws in Australia and other countries, so evisit has a secure system to protect offices from accidentally breaching these laws.

The first time someone tries to make an appointment at any office, the appointment is flagged by evisit as a new evisit user. evisit then warns the patient that they will need to state their evisit User name to the office on arrival for their first appointment. evisit also then emails their name, date of birth and evisit User name to the office in question.  This allows the office to confirm with the patient upon arrival, that the evisit User name really does belong to that patient.

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