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The origins of evisit

evisit was built by a group of Australians who believe that good health care should not be hard to find. We felt that people would be more inclined to take good care of themselves, if it was easier for them to get an appointment with their preferred practitioner.

We also see that a good practice runs flat out, and that being available to patients to take their call for an appointment is a challenging and costly exercise.

One of the greatest challenges that the practice and the patient share, is the availability to make an appointment. Often patients know they need an appointment at times when the clinic is closed, or there are phone delays because the clinic is very busy when it’s open.

When the world we live in presents such hectic and chaotic schedules, it has also become imperative for practitioners to be able to see their work schedule from anywhere at anytime. House calls necessitate needing to know what appointments are available to book the patient for a follow-up appointment. Emergencies mean that a practitioner needs to know from home what’s on their appointment book.

So, we built evisit - designed to integrate the internet with the clinic’s computer system, in real time! By running evisit compliant Practice Management Software, the clinic can be available 24 x 7 for patients to make appointments, and for the practitioners to know what’s on their schedule.

Registration and use of evisit is free for patients.

Registration and use of evisit for Practitioners has been intentionally priced to be a cost effect resource for clinics wanting to streamline the cost of acquiring appointments, and have online access to their appointment book.

evisit Pty Ltd is incorporated in Queensland, Australia.  ACN: 130 138 868

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