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How does evisit synchronise with PMS packages?

evisit integrates with PMS packages via a plug-in application that should operate on one of the PC's in the practitioner's office.

This plug-in is supplied by evisit and uses components developed by the PMS Vendors, or by evisit's own in-house technicians.

The plug in allows the office to configure the frequency of synchronisation, and also handles all aspects of information sharing between the PMS and evisit (remembering which patients/clients have which evisit User names, etc).

When the plug-in attempts to synchronise with evisit, it performs the following steps:

  • Download the latest requests for new appointments, changes and cancellations
  • Check those against the authorisations nominated by the office previously
  • Upload the latest list of appointments, and any configuration settings that can impact evisit

When a PMS Vendor signs up for evisit connectivity, technical specifications are provided to the vendor so that they can best integrate evisit into their own PMS. The specifications include detailed testing procedures to ensure that the vendor's additions to the evisit plug-in do not cause any problems for their customers or evisit itself.

Ongoing tests are conducted on a regular basis to ensure that the vendor's PMS operates seamlessly and consistently, providing the practitioners and their patients/clients with the best possible experience. One that is safe, easy and reliable.

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