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Frequently asked questions

Can patients move or cancel appointments using evisit?
You can enable or disable these features.
How do I buy more credits when they run out?
Log-on to your account, go to the My Account screen and click Buy More Credits.
Do the credits expire?
What do I get charged if someone makes an appointment on evisit and then cancels it?
evisit will charge your account the fee for making the appointment and the fee for cancelling it only if the appointment was transferred to your office computer before the patient cancelled it.
How does evisit reduce no-shows?
  1. Email and SMS reminders from evisit help to your patient to remember their appointment time.
  2. Patients typically miss their appointments because they forgot to call you and reschedule. By making it easier to reschedule their appointment, they won’t miss their appointments, and the time slots they changed become available for other patients.
Is the privacy of my patients protected?
Yes. The evisit website has all the necessary security to protect your patients' data, your PC and your network, and especially, your credit card. You will not be at risk of revealing confidential patient data, nor will you be at risk of your credit card being misused as a result of using it on the evisit website.
Why is there a monthly fee and how do I stop it?
The monthly fee covers the cost of providing a secure environment for all evisit users. Even those practices that only use it to view their appointment book online. If at any stage (after the first 12 months), you decide that you do not wish to continue with evisit, an e-mail to evisit will be sufficient to cancel further charges to your credit card.
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