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Fees and charges explained

There are three types of fees associated with the use of evisit. These are Setup Fees, Account Administration fees and Usage Credit fees. An explanation of these three types of fees follows:


The setup fee of AU$275 is only ever charged once per office. It includes:

  • The setup of your log-on account and access to your appointment book online.
  • The listing of your business details in the searchable sections of the site. This allows new patients to find your business based on their search criteria including postcode searches.
  • A personalised web page for specific information you would like prospective and existing patients to know about your service offerings. In attracting new business, this webpage provides you with an opportunity to promote your services in a compelling manner.
  • Assistance in customising your evisit configuration to match the way that your office manages its appointment book. Excessive customisation may increase this fee.

Account Administration

Account Administration includes:

  • Unlimited Synchronizations for the term of your Synchronisation Contract.

Account Administration is paid monthly in advance via direct debit from your credit card, with a 12 month initial contractual commitment. Beyond the first 12 months, direct debits will cease within 30 days of notification to evisit.

Account Administration is AU$22 per month.

evisit Usage Credits

Each time an appointment is made, rescheduled, or cancelled using evisit, evisit Usage Credits are deducted from your account.

evisit Usage Credits are AU$0.253 each (inclusive of GST) and are deducted at the following rates:

  • An appointment made using evisit deducts 2 credits (AU$0.506)
  • An appointment rescheduled using evisit deducts 1 credit (AU$0.253)
  • An appointment cancelled using evisit deducts 1 credit (AU$0.253)
  • An SMS appointment reminder from evisit deducts 1 credit (AU$0.253)

evisit Usage Credits can be purchased from the evisit website in the following quantities (all pricing is quoted in Australian Dollars):

  • 100 evisit Usage Credits - AU$25.30
  • 500 evisit Usage Credits - AU$126.50
  • 1,000 evisit Usage Credits - AU$253
  • 2,000 evisit Usage Credits - AU$506
  • 5,000 evisit Usage Credits - AU$1,265

evisit Usage Credits do not expire but are non-refundable.

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